Purchase of medicines
Work with the largest suppliers of the Russian and Europe

Buy drugs registered in Russia. Purchase of reagents, medicines in Russia, America and Europe

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AVINEХ company works with the largest suppliers of medicines. In the absence of drugs in Russia, we buy them from European distributors.

Our work with suppliers is an absolutely established process that allows us to provide customers with low prices for drugs and a high purchase rate.

We also purchase medical equipment and reagents directly from manufacturers such as: Sigma Aldrich, Merck, EDQM, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Alfa Aesar, etc.
Why us?
Purchase of reagents directly from European and American manufacturers
Availability of audited suppliers in the Russian Federation and in Europe
Automatic stock report
The possibility of postpay for expensive purchases
Providing quality certificates and drug analysis certificates
The presence of special zones for the identification of defective drugs