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logistics +15+25; +2+; -25-15; -86-50;-196С with respect to temperature. Validated refrigerated transport

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AVINEX is a licensed transport company that carries out transportation of reagents and medicines. We offer Express delivery of goods in 24 hours, transportation of cargoes and validated refrigerated transport in Russia and CIS countries.

We cooperate with such manufacturers, cold boxes: Pelican Biothermal, Sonoco, etc. We have a cold box that can hold temperature up to 144 hours.

Since 2010 we are manufacturers of our own thermal containers and Cooling Elements.
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Car park
GPS monitoring system
Validated refrigerated transport
Transportation at +15 + 25, + 2 + 8, -20 C, in dry ice, in a Dewar vessel
Lack of temperature disturbances
Transport Insurance